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girl_on_a_stick's Journal

4 October 1974
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I like to travel, go to rock and roll shows, ride my motorcycle, play with my dog, and take photographs.

I post a lot of stuff other than just photographs and prefer to keep this place somewhat personal. Please feel free to add me, but also understand if I don't add you back or drop you after a while. Right now I just have too many people's journals to try and keep up with and I need to tame it down some.

adventure, africa, aikido, airplanes, alaska, amnesty international, angelina jolie, anti death penalty, archery, architecture, asia, australia, bartok, bass guitar, bodybuilding, camping, chaos theory, cheekbones, chicago fire, clarinets, classic cars, conflict resolution, criticism, crossfit, digital photography, dirt bikes, diving, dogs, ducati monsters, ebay, equality, feminism, film, fitness, flying, ford falcons, futball, futurism, garages, gearhead, geneology, german, grease, guitars, heartache, hondas, hot rods, html, human rights, humanitarians, iggy pop, insects, italian motorcycles, jane magazine, joan jett, john coletrain, johnny depp, juxtapoz, languages, learning, les pauls, live journal, liz phair, machines, marathons, martial arts, mc5, me, miles davis, mopar, motocross, motorcycles, mountains, muscle cars majors reviews, my dog, my nephews, norton, obscure indonesian martial arts, orchids, oregon, pacifism, peace, peru, pinball, playing guitar, politics, power tools, programming, publishing, punk, quantum physics, race relations, reality tv, recording studios, relationships, rock and roll, rock climbing, rockabilly, running, sailing, school, scuba diving, sculpture, simpsons, singing, six feet under, skiing, soccer, south america, spanish, sparring, stravinsky, superhawks, surfing, swedish bands, symphony, tattoos, teaching, technology, the czech republic, the ocean, the ramones, the sonics, therapy, tom boys, tomb raider, travel, turbonegro, vintage clothes, volunteer groups, web design, world events, wrenching